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2D JavaScript Game
Eden is a 2D JavaScript tiled game, built using Adobe Dreamweaver. Programmed by myself and graphics by various game artists, credits can be found here.

The theme we had to build our game around was evolution. The third level of Tomb Raider where she meets Mr T Rex for the first time sprung to mind and I got well excited, thinking I could remake that level in javascript form! But sadly, the animals we had to use were already pre-defined and I couldn't make a big massive T Rex as it just wouldn't have made sense. So I went with an Adam and Eve theme (even though I'm not religious) and thought it would be super cute to make everything, well, super cute...

So you play as either Adam or Eve and you have to save all the animals. Each time you save an animal a little fun fact about the animal appears. Once you have saved all the animals the apple drops from the tree and Adam OR Eve have to eat it to complete the game. That's the twist. I'll let you think about that for a second.

My main goal in making this game was to learn how to incorporate tile maps in to games and really get to grips with them. Happy to say I managed to do this and have been making a lot of tiled games since, but now using data driven design to load the maps! So, have fun playing, and please check out the source code and credits also!

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Territorial Game
Our project was to create a territorial game, where each player went head-to-head to win the most 'territory', such as that seen in Chess or Monopoly.

Our idea was a fun, quirky, role-playing game (strictly adults only), called How I Divorced Your Mother (because we love How I met Your Mother so much!) It involves 3 players: a judge and 2 partners. The players decide which character they want to be.

The moral of the game is to win as much as you can in your divorce settlement. The judge decides who wins, but cannot be biased. Each partner is given 10 sets of cards, each with a different defence statement, plus 5 blank cards. The blank cards can be used at any time during the game and the player can write whatever they like on the blank cards in order to aid their defence.

Some of the statements we used were "I caught my partner having a threesome...", "My partner sells drugs to kids..." and my favourite "My partner isn't a gamer!" (they do get a lot worse), hence why the game is adults only!

The players go head-to-head to provide the best defence to the judge, who will then decide what each player gets once all the cards have been read out. The players could obtain money, the house, the kids, a private jet, pets or the car. Once the judge reaches their verdict, the player with the most items wins the game. : game design