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Gold Bound
Gold Bound is a 2D tile game built using C++. The game is about a detective called Angie, who gets kidnapped and held for ransom. She wakes up in a mansion in the middle of an island and her only way of escaping is to collect as much gold as possible to ensure she can afford a boat back to the main land. However, there are obstacles in the way stopping Angie from reaching her goal.

Programatically, the game was built using advanced C++ techniques. I use a finite state machine for the game states and many other design patterns, including the singleton design pattern for manager classes. I was kindly given a game engine to use, which was built by my tutor (see 'Credits' section below). The game engine was built around SDL and was extremely simple to use and also very generic. It is available on my tutors website (below).

I wanted to get to grips with tile games and become familiar with level design, as this is an area in game development, which I'm also interested in. I used the Tiled program to create the level layout and then created my own file manager to load in the map files. I built quite a robust tile engine, which allows me to have many different tile layers (floor, walls, objects, etc.), this allowed me to have depth in the game, to give the impression that the player is walking behind walls etc.

I used data driven design in this game, using binary and text files mainly. I also used many algorithms and containers from the STL.

Karsten Vermeulen
London Metropolitan University
Open Game Art

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