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Make it Rain
I created a text game using C++. The main priority in programming this game was to become familiar with OOP. Primarily polymorphism, inheritance, containment and abstraction. Additionally, to become familiar with encapsulation, predicate functions and error handling.

The idea for this game is one I have had for a few years now. It will eventually be built in 3D, however I wanted to make a text representation of the game first, to see if it would be worthwhile making a 3D version. It was a pretty advanced text game - there is multiple characters and the player can choose what character they want to be. They can also determine the starting experience, money and attributes of their chosen character based on questions they are asked before gameplay begins.

The game is heavily story driven and progress depends on user choice (think Until Dawn/Heavy Rain). The name 'Make it Rain' comes from the storyline. It is a game about the adult entertainment industry (mainly stripclubs) and includes gangsters, strippers and pimps (so far!). I wouldn't like to reveal too much about the game idea on my website, but that is the general jist of it!

Title Screen
The player has a fully functioning inventory, a work place and a home. They can buy and sell items from in-game shops or bars with money they gain through working or doing side-quests, and in turn can gain attribute points or experience from each item, helping them to level up quicker. At present, gameplay time is around 30 minutes.

I am still working on this game and plan to make a 3D version very soon, so keep checking back!

Karsten Vermeulen
London Metropolitan University

Downloads coming soon! : c++ programming